Project Description

Complete Carpentry Contracts (C.C.C) was established in 2008 and has since developed a reputation in the construction industry for providing sub-contract services to major contractors, either as labor-only carpentry or the full supply of materials. We give equal attention to modest and large commercial carpentry contracts and offer the same level of commitment to all of our clients. Our tradesmen are a select group of qualified and experienced carpenters who can confidently be placed to work in all aspects of carpentry, for any type of client. The team has helped build a highly successful carpentry business, underpinned by quality workmanship and customer care.

Complete Carpentry Website Design Challenge

Complete Carpentry had contacted You Go Designs to design and build their new carpentry website design. The carpentry website design had to have an eye catching design but at the same time make it easy to find the information that you;re looking for so we had achieved this by using a large image slider on the home page to grab your attention but scroll down and you can easily find information and images on their services. The carpentry website design has an easy to use navigation system that will allow you to navigate through the pages quickly. Apart form the clean web design the website is also mobile compatible so you can view the website on the go with your mobile or tablet device.

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