Project Description

Control Automation Solutions Pty Ltd (CAS) was formed to provide solutions for the PLC Automation industry. We are made up of engineers and electricians who have many years of experience in PLC automation projects in many differing industries. We are able to apply our process knowledge and past experience to all facets of automation to achieve a successful outcome.At CAS we strive to be the best and deliver the most, with both our engineering and electrical departments we are well equipped to bring a vision to reality. We have a long list of successful projects to bolster our experience. CAS prides itself on its ability to work with and understand the client’s needs, working with them to ensure limited downtime and successful changeovers in order to reduce costly downtime.

Control Automation Website Design Challenge

Control Automation had contacted us to help design and build their new website design. As they’re a technology company they needed a website that would resemble their services to their customers and potential new customers so we created a slim, sleek website that grabs your attention on the home page with a large image slider. Underneath the image slider you will notice icons displaying click able links to find out more information. The web design utilizes lots of white space as it makes the content and images tand out but at the smae time gives your eyes a place to rest. A clean website that works great on all mobile and tablet devices.

Project Details

Website Design
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