WordPress is celebrating it’s 10th birthday today, starting way back in 2003 WordPress was developed to help share images and videos online and was primary a blogging tool. Since then it has evolved and grown so much that it has now become a fully functioning CMS (Content Management System) where users can run full corporate websites or eCommerce websites from.

What Makes WordPress Special

  • It’s a free open source content management systemwordpress-10-years
  • 1000’s of free plugins to download from
  • 1000’s of free theme templates to download from
  • Easy to use, even for the most avid users
  • Super simple to build your own custom website theme and expand from the default code
  • Built by people for the people

WordPress is one of the most popular website builder tools to date, with approximately 10% of all the websites in the world being built on this platform.

What’s Next For WordPress

WordPress is always continuing to grow and expand with many great new idea’s in the pipeline and with version 3.6 just around the corner, many excited fans cannot wait to download and install the latest update and start playing around. The new version has been mentioned to have updated java script and array’s to make the website faster and more secure.

Why We Love WordPress

We love WordPress because many of our clients have heard of this great web platform and have asked us to build their new awesome website using this platform. We are very familiar with how everything works and know it if it was one of our children.

Have a look at our large portfolio of stunning websites that have been built on the WordPress platform https://www.yougodesigns.com.au/website-design-portfolio/

If you would like to know more about WordPress and how awesome it is, than feel free to visit their official website to see what all the fuss is about and to see how you can become involved in the WordPress family http://wordpress.org/news/