Many website owners see their website as an online brochure advertising their services or an online store selling their products, and see no need to have to regualy update their website.

One of the biggest mistakes you could do for your website is not to update it, this will hurt your rankings. For eg:

You walk down the street and walk past a particular store look through the window and see their products.
The next day you walk by the same store look in the window and see that it has the same products, nothing has changed.
On the third day you walk by the window and notice nothing has changed.
So on the fourth day when you walk by, you do not bother to stop by and have a look through the window as you know nothing has changed.

This relates exactly the same way to your website, if you do not update your website reguarly then users will not bother to stop by and have a look, also
when search engines such as Google and Yahoo do their scans, they will see no change in the code and will downgrade your website. This is why it is important
to regularly update your website, at least once a week.

Ways in which you can keep your website fresh and up to date:

  • Change the images you have on your home pages and other pages
  • Update your keywords and meta description
  • Edit your content
  • Participate in Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Update your products
  • Edit your title tags
  • Create new blog articles
  • Participate in link exchange

There are many ways to keep your website updated and fresh so that you stay on top of your game.
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