Website Upgrade

At You Go Designs we have grown at light speed for the past 12 months and have made many minor website upgrades but today we have made a major website upgrade by adding new features and improving on old features.

What’s So Special About This Website Upgrade?

There have been many major improvements to both the front and back-end of our website, some of the features are:

  • Improved website loading speed
  • Menu bar is now a stick menu bar, scroll down the page and the top menu will follow you
  • Portfolio pages now have a sleeker and artist look and feel
  • Blog page now has a sleek timeline effect
  • Back to top button
  • Light box enhancements
  • Mobile website menu made larger for easier access
  • Improved mobile website layout and accessibility
  • And so many more improvements, the list goes on…

Why Upgrade Your Website Regularly?

With all things time get’s the better of us and it’s important to update your website every 12 months so that you can stay up to date with the latest code and features.
Google change their algorithms every 6-12 months, sometimes minor other times major updates which can impact dramatically on your websites rankings if you do not have a well structured and maintained website so that is why it is very important to update your website so you can stay with the times.

Importance of a website upgrade

Upgrading your website can also lead to improved Google rankings, more websites hits which lead to more sales and inquiries, if you do not do it, then your competitors will, this leading to your clients being stolen by the competition.

If you have a small or large business it’s vital you have a well structured and up to date website, at You Go Designs we can hep build a new website or offer a website upgrade to your current site so that it may continue to grow and expand your business.