Today, designing a website is not a simple task. There are lots of things that are needed to be considered. A good web design or a SEO company employs webmasters or SEO experts that look into each and everything when you hire their services. There are many companies which offer web design services along with other additional services. Rarely, you will find a firm which will provide you only web designing services. Here are the services that are included with web design services:

1. Content writing services: Since Google has noticed there are lots of websites, so it has changed its algorithm. The new algorithm favors the useful content. A website is fully ready for caching along with the content. Readers always want to get the new information. The content on the website must be in such a way that it engages the reader. It should also be able to attain attention of search engine crawlers and that can be possible by using relevant keywords.
2. Mobile website design: It has been researched that, most of the users use mobile phones and smart phones to browse internet. And your standard website will not be able to open properly on mobile phones due to its small sized screen or display. Therefore, a need of mobile website design arises. A Mobile Website Design will increase traffic to your website.
3. SEO services: Most of the companies want to appear on the first page of the Google. SEO services help you to achieve higher ranking in search results. Therefore, it is important to know that whether the website design company is providing SEO services along with it or not. SEO is not a simple task as it includes lot of research and efforts to build organic or natural backlinks. Of course, there are the companies which prefer shortcuts to build links. But you must assure this before hiring web Design Company.
4. Social media marketing: Since social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are getting popular and are used by many people. Therefore, it is important to promote your website on these social sites. Today, most of the sites have their own Facebook page. An ideal website design is a design which comprises of buttons that would allow the visitors to like or share your page and follow on twitter.

Hence, a good web design company offers all the above important services along with website design. These services are important as without this, even an excellent design would get fail. Therefore hire a web design company which provides these additional services.