Project Description

Australian developed and written engine and gearbox flash tuning, remapping and piggy back tuning solutions to match your vehicle to your requirements and remove false hidden restrictions on power the manufacturers impose on almost all vehicles. Manufacturers play games nowadays with badging and stock outputs from engines. The reality is your vehicle is capable of safely producing a lot more torque, power and economy than you’d think. The days of cost cutting have been upon us for some time and manufacturers produce a number of vehicles in a range with various standard power outputs, even though the vehicles in that range are mechanically identical to other models in the range and across the world.

RD Technik Website Design Challenge

RD Technik specializes in modifying cars and had contacted us to help design and build their new website. The web design had to be sleek and appeal to car enthusiasts so we had used large images of cars along with simple to click images for navigation so you could find exactly what you’re looking for. You will notice on the home page it has a large image slider displaying images of cars and also a large background picture of a Lamborghini. Apart from the clean design the website also has it’s own online shop so you can purchase online and also works great on mobile and tablet devices.

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Website Design
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