Project Description

Gutter Vax specializes in gutter vacuuming, but we also do other services too like vacuum potholing, trenching, hyro evacuation, pressure cleaning to driveways and houses. We pride ourselves on our great service and quality and make sure that every job we complete is to the highest standards. Gutter Vax decided it was time that they had a proper logo design and website for their business so they contacted You Go Designs to help create them a unique logo design that would reflect their business and at the same time stand out and be quirky. The logo that we designed for their gutter vacuuming business incorporates a whirlwind acting as the vacuum sucking up the leaves trying to run away. When you see the logo it immediately grabs your attention with the illustrations and large bold text. The client loves the new logo and it is now being used on their website.

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Logo Design
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