Project Description

Yes evoL is Love spelt backwards. evoL is about looking at things differently whilst still loving sport. Coach Norman created ‘evoL Sports’ after working as a Basketball and Sports Coach for a number of years. He saw a fundamental lesson in the delivery of the programs provided to children…….….Sports for Everyone ! Evol Sports is about providing continuity and consistency in a child’s upbringing. Is it really just about coaching a child sport. Coaches have a responsibility to teach children about sportsmanship, fair play, dedication, commitment and many other principles that can be used in every day life skills.As a parent to two children, he wanted to be able to bring the benefits of sport and the life lessons that can be learnt through sport, regardless of their age and skill level. Children enjoy the thrills that come with sport. Regardless whether a child scores plenty during a match or a child that practices very hard to achieve that 1 point or score.

evoL Sports Website Design Challenge

evoL Sports contacted us to help design and build their new sports website. The new sports website design had to appeal to the younger generation so this meant bright colors and lot’s of pictures with interactive features. You will notice on the home page it has a large image slider and underneath it has a smaller button scroller to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Overall a clean website that works great on all devices.

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