Project Description

Donkey Milk Cosmetics Ltd (DMC) is the holding company for the Phillipe by Almada brand; a brand dedicated to the production of cosmetics based on the noble and rare natural resource that is donkey milk. DMC is a fully Portuguese company whose strategy lies within product differentiation from analogous products in the market; not only in its image but mainly in its effective use of donkey milk, an exceptional resource packed with potential. DMC’s greatest asset is the use of powdered donkey milk, a commodity that has been developed upon various studies and heavy research conducted in strict collaboration between the company and university research departments. The end result of such study and collaboration is a product that contains a heavier concentration of the milk’s beneficial agents, resulting in a much higher product performance when applied to the skin.

Donkey Milk Website Design Challenge

Donkey Milk had contacted us to help design and build the new website for their unique product. The web design had to have a clean look and feel to it so we made sure the home page had a nice large image slider that would grab your attention. Underneath the main slider you will see 3 boxes of information that will show you a quick brief of what they offer. Apart from a clean and easy to use website it also has an easy to use navigation system, so you can find the information very quickly without having to dig through countless pages. Overall a great, clean web design that also works great on mobile and tablet devices.

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