Sweet Cleans Website Design

Sweet Cleans is a Brisbane based cleaning company that provides a range of quality cleaning services at an affordable price to the regions of Brisbane, Redcliffe, Caboolture, Sunshine Coast. Sweet Cleans motto is “ No Short Cuts” which means a quality cleaning service every time a customer uses us. Some of our services include Bond Cleaning, Exit Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning and Pest Control. For advice or a free quote for your cleaning needs please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sweet Cleans Website Design Challenge

Sweet Cleans had contacted us to help build their new cleaning website. The cleaning website design had to have a clean design layout which would be easy to navigate so we had the services easily displayed on the home page so you could click on the images and quickly be directed to the specific pages. Apart from the design the website also has it’s own content management system and is also mobile compatible, so you can browse on the go.


JK Melbourne Cleaning Web Design

Based in Toorak, JK Melbourne is a cleaning services company that started in 2010. Over the years the company has matured to provide domestic cleaning, office cleaning, private function clean up and spring cleaning services just to name a few.” “What makes us stand out is our consistency and customized experience. JK Melbourne focuses on creating a bond with its customers to develop a better understanding that is tailored to your particular wishes. On every cleaning job you are guaranteed staff that knows your needs from the word go and can reliably reproduce the same level every single time.”

JK Melbourne Cleaning Web Design Challenge

JK Melbourne Cleaning had contacted us to help design and build their new cleaning website. The cleaning website design had to have to stand out and not appear boring so we had used a large image slider on the home page with an easy to use contact from underneath. The home page has a large image slider to grab your attention, scroll down the page and you will see the featured products displayed, making it easy to start shopping. Overall the website is very clean, easy to use and also works great on mobile and tablet devices.


Let Go Sports Website Design

Custom Made Balls have always been one of the most popular promotional items available in the promotional market. With such a sporting ethos in our Australian culture these balls are a great way to promote your brand, business or sports club. Being a leading supplier we can ensure that your promotion is memorable and effective as well as economical. A fantastic advertising investment, these promotional items are widely utilized by a number of industries and organizations thanks to their high level of effectiveness and versatility, so…whether you are looking for a high quality corporate gift, a promotional giveaway or something to throw around in the park, we can help! These Promotional Sports Balls can be utilized for just about anything, and thanks to our Aussie culture, most people will use them.

Let Go Sports Website Design Challenge

Let Go Sports had contacted us to help design and build their new sports website design. The sports website design is very image based with a large image slider on the home page which has nice sliding effects, scroll down the page and you will see the products that they offer. The top menu bar has a nice hover over effect that displays product images rather than words, just to give it that added touch. Overall the website is very clean, easy to use and also works great on mobile and tablet devices.


Paradise Jumping Castle Website Design

We are a Brisbane family owned and operated jumping castle hire business. We Service the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Surrounding Suburbs. We have a choice of children’s and adult jumping castles for hire to suit a variety of entertainment needs and occasions at an affordable price. Please contact us to hire a jumping castle for your next event. As we carry a limited number of jumping castles, please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Paradise Jumping Castle Website Design Challenge

Paradise Jumping Castle had contacted us to help design and build their new jumping castle website design. The jumping castle website design had to be bright and colorful as it will be mainly directed and parents with young children. When visiting the website you will notice a large background image, scroll down the page and you can read the information. A very clean website that also works great on mobile and tablet devices.


BP Concepts Website Design

BP Concepts had contacted us to help design and build their new online store. The online store had to have an inviting look and feel to it so it will attract it’s customers to browse around. You will notice that the website has a large background image of woman shopping to give you the impression that this is a shopping related website, products are also displayed on the home page for easy and quick access. The website is built in a way that makes navigating easy and can also be viewed on mobile and tablet devices so you can shop on the go.


Fix My Screen Website Design

Fix My Screen had contacted us to help build their new website, they had a design they wanted us to build and we got started. The website is very clean and loads up very quick due to caching we had installed, we had also optimized the image file size so that the website will load up extra fast, 21% faster to be exact. You will notice that the home page displays a large image that can also be converted into an image slider. Each page has a large dedicated image and content to easily display the services that they offer. Besides having a clean website it is also iPhone and iPad compatible so you can view it on the go.


Australian Private Tours Website Design

Australian Private Tours specialize in personalized tours to suit you. Our guides have been specifically chosen from all over Australia to ensure you receive the best service the industry can provide. With various guides all over Australia we have every angle covered. We know all the hidden trails as well as the main tourist attractions. Our aim is to provide an exclusive tour tailored around your interests. Private tours give you the flexibility and control of your trip. Take your time and really enjoy the moment. When your day is at an end, you will really see the value in a private tour. All of our tours are child friendly and we ensure that every safety precaution is taken to make sure your day runs as smooth as possible.

Australian Private Tours Website Design Challenge

Australian Private Tours had contacted us to help design and build their new tours website. We have worked with them in the past and had built their website Private Tours which is going very well so they have now decided to expand Australia wide. The website features an interactive map on the home page so you can easily click on the states which will direct you to the page. The website has a clean and sleek design that is easy to use.


EB Traffic Solutions Website Design

EB Traffic Solutions is focused exclusively on the provision of traffic engineering services to the private sector, Local Government and State Government clients. We have accumulated 30 years of traffic engineering experience from working in the private consulting industry, State and Local Government sectors. Our experience on both sides of the fence provides us with balance and understanding, a wide perspective and the ability to plan and deliver a final report to satisfy our client’s needs. Coupled with low overheads, we are able to consistently service your needs in a cost effective and timely manner which addresses both yours and the authority’s requirements. We offer a high level of customer service working closely with you from the commencement of a project to its completion to ensure that you are satisfied with the final report. We strive for 100 % client satisfaction on all of our projects. We are here to assist with all of your traffic engineering needs.

EB Traffic Solutions Website Design Challenge

EB Traffic Solutions had contacted us to help design and build their new traffic solutions website. The traffic solution website design had to have a clean, professional look and feel towards it so we had achieved this by using a large image slider on the home page to grab your attention. The website has an easy to use navigation system and is also mobile compatible.


Allure Medical Holidays Website Design

Allure Medical Holidays is an Australian based company who specialise in organising cosmetic/medical and dental surgery in Thailand. We work in partnership with highly experienced travel agents and the best hospitals and surgeons to ensure you have the procedures you have been wanting whilst recovering in a tropical paradise. Undergoing any procedure can be a daunting prospect. We are here to ensure your entire cosmetic holiday goes smoothly. From your initial contact with us right through to returning to home and after care, we will provide support and guidance. Your safety is our number one priority. Travelling to Thailand to undertake your procedures can save a lot of money, as much as 70% on some treatments.

Allure Medical Holidays Website Design Challenge

Allure Medical Holidays contacted us to help design and build their new medical holiday website design. The medical holiday website design had to have a fresh and inviting design that would grab their attention as soon as they landed on the home page so we achieved this by using multiple background colors and an image slider. The website has an easy to use navigation system so you can easily find the pages you’re looking for. Apart from the clean design the website is also mobile responsive so you can view it on all smart phones and tablets.


evoL Sports Website Design

Yes evoL is Love spelt backwards. evoL is about looking at things differently whilst still loving sport. Coach Norman created ‘evoL Sports’ after working as a Basketball and Sports Coach for a number of years. He saw a fundamental lesson in the delivery of the programs provided to children…….….Sports for Everyone ! Evol Sports is about providing continuity and consistency in a child’s upbringing. Is it really just about coaching a child sport. Coaches have a responsibility to teach children about sportsmanship, fair play, dedication, commitment and many other principles that can be used in every day life skills.As a parent to two children, he wanted to be able to bring the benefits of sport and the life lessons that can be learnt through sport, regardless of their age and skill level. Children enjoy the thrills that come with sport. Regardless whether a child scores plenty during a match or a child that practices very hard to achieve that 1 point or score.

evoL Sports Website Design Challenge

evoL Sports contacted us to help design and build their new sports website. The new sports website design had to appeal to the younger generation so this meant bright colors and lot’s of pictures with interactive features. You will notice on the home page it has a large image slider and underneath it has a smaller button scroller to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Overall a clean website that works great on all devices.


Henry Ashton Holdings Website Design

Henry Ashton Holdings is a medium size Warehousing, Import / Export & Transport company. We have established in the past 11 years of operation an excellent reputation amongst our client base as being proficient, efficient and with the ability to personalise our service to fit the requirement of our clients. As our company is family owned and operated, we treat all our clients with a number one priority, not just another number. Henry Ashton Holdings is built on a team which is trained in careful handling of all stock, stock keeping and stock movement reports. Our main depot and warehouses are based in Altona North, which situates us in the hub of the Melbourne transport zone, a short distance to all major arterials, empty container parks and sea ports of Melbourne.

Henry Ashton Holdings Website Design Challenge

Henry Ashton Holdings had contacted us to help design and build their new website for their transport business. The website design had to have a clean business look and feel to it so we had used a white background which would make the text easy to read and images stand out. The website has an easy to use navigation system and also has a great mobile responsive design.


Confident First Aid Website Design

Welcome to Confident First Aid Management. Our highly skilled, experienced and dedicated MICA Paramedics, Advanced Life Support Paramedics, Emergency Department and Coronary Care nurses will help you gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to apply CPR and First Aid safely to anyone in need. All our trainers have seen the outcomes for people who have needed first aid and received it and those who have needed first aid but received little, ineffective or no first aid at all. Effective First Aid can mean the difference between life and death BUT it can also make an enormous difference in the person’s quality of life from those first vital moments onwards. We all understand first aid incidents can be intimidating, overwhelming and daunting for anyone in the community. Our aim is to empower you to feel confident and competent to assist another person to ultimately get back to their family and community…….where they belong. You CAN do it!!

Confident First Aid Website Design Challenge

Confident First Aid Management had contacted us to design and build their new website. The website design had to be eye-catching but at the same time have a clean and sleek design. As soon as you land on the website you will see sliding images and content to grab your attention. The menu system has been set up for ease of use and the website is also mobile compatible.

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