Large Increase in Mobile Use In The World

Moible Responsive Website

Living in the modern world which utilizes technology as our main form of communication, most people own a mobile phone and use it frequently. In fact, almost 60% of phone owners use internet on their phone. People access the internet for a multitude of reasons, communication and sourcing information being the top reasons.

Not only is the internet used for casual social media browsing, but also importantly for browsing and purchasing. This being said, it is vital that a website needs to be adaptive to each mobile phone users screen so it can be clearly interpreted. Your websites first impression is everything so making sure its information and content are easy to read is essential.


Ensuring a Positive Experience

Making sure a visitor has a good experience on your website is vital. If they

Mobile Responsive Websitestruggle to be able to navigate your website easily, they may leave and seek other websites out. Google has found that 61% of visitors are unlikely to return to a mobile site if they’ve had trouble navigating and accessing its information. 40% of these people will seek out alternative sites.

Having a mobile responsive website increases the loading speed at which your website loads when opened. The slower your website loads, the lesser chance you have of an interested visitor. Google recommends that your website should load within 2 seconds to optimise user satisfaction.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

The higher ranked your website appears to Google, the higher rank your website will appear on search engines. If your website is mobile responsive, it will appear higher in the ranks and be found more easily by those seeking it out.


responsive website design

Mobile Responsive Websites are Critical

Having a mobile responsive website in this day and age is no longer an extra, its a necessity and critical to the overall success of your website and ultimately your business. Having a responsive design will lead customers into having a positive experience and encourage the return of their business making it less likely they will look else where while also encouraging them to return in the future.

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