For everyone that owns a business it is vital that they have a good amount of traffic flow coming into their business, otherwise without customers coming to your business you will be out of business.

The trick is getting customers to your business in the 1st place and you may be asking how do you do that?

Every business has its own way of getting clients through the door, these methods can range from:

  • Signs outside their store
  • Posters on their windows
  • Flyer’s and discounts in the local paper
  • Advertisements on their cars and trucks
  • Promotions on their website

These are great ways to increase traffic to your website but now days marketing has moved so far ahead that it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends.
You may feel a shiver go down your spine when you hear of marketing or strategic planning, these words can scare small business owners as they clearly think this is mainly directed at
large scale corporations but in fact just about anyone can do this and its not that hard.

The way marketing has shifted now days is that you can do a lot of the advertising yourself and it not costing you a penny.

The way in which small business can expand their advertising material is by:

  • Social Media – Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are a great way to send out special deals to your clients and you know that all the people that like your page or are following you are interested, so they are
    your niche market right at your finger tips.  You can easily update latest news and products for your follows to view.


  • News Letter Campaigns – Try to get your users sign up to your website using a simple newsletter Sign Up form. With users signing up to your website you can easily send them out promotional material and latest news.


  • Referral Programs – Having a referral all program on your website where if a customers refers 5 of their friends and they sign up the customer will receive 25% discount of their next purchase. This is a great way
    to expand your website out to a greater wider audience.


  • Free-advertising-websitesUse Affiliated Websites – Using  free websites such as Hot Frog, True Local and Gum Tree are a great way to reach a wider audience as millions of users search these websites each month for products and services.
    There is no harm in advertising on these websites as they are free!

These are just a few ways in which you can advertise your business for free and gain more customers. You can offer other paid services such as news paper advertisements, Google Adwords and Tv Commercials but for small businesses the free advertising methods above will help you, so what are you waiting for and give it a shot, you have nothing to lose.