At You Go Designs we love games. So we have created a few short games for you to test out and play. These games are only concept games and are not complete, but we wanted to test out our skills in developing online games. So keep checking back for updated games as we will have bigger and better games soon to come.


Fish Sticks

This is a short game based on the PacMan principles but I have just redesigned the characters and the levels. Its a fun game to play. So have a play and see if you can get a high score.Play – Fish Sticks


Car Racer

In this game you are the black car and your opponent is the red car. You must race around the track and beat the other car. To play this game just use your directional arrow keys on your keyboard.Play – Car Racer


Mexican Shooter

Heres a short little game that i had made a few years ago. It has basic scripting and is quite fun to play. I had only completed the first level, the second level i never got around to completitng it. The objective of the game is to shoot the people before they take all your health. This game was never completed.Play – Mexican Shooter


Maze Game

If you like maze games than heres one for you. With the bright flashing lights will make this maze that extra more harder to complete but beware touch the walls and you will be sent back to the start. To play use the directional arrows on your keyboard to direct the brown blob to the finish point. Make sure you do not touch the walls, as you will be sent back to the start.Play – Maze Game