At You Go Designs we love everything creative, so in our spare time we have created a few short animations. These animations were just created for fun and wanted to test out our animating skills. So don’t just think that we only do web design we also do animation and a whole bunch of other creative things.

Dorito Ad Campaign Animation

Dorito Ad Campaign – Animation
I work for a creative agency called Beachside Creative and we decided to enter the Dorito Ad Campaign and our entry submission was of a short animation.
The requirements were that the ad had to go no longer than 30 seconds and incorporate the Dorito brand.
So I was given the task to create the animation, we did not win but it was fun to create. Enjoy watching!

Watch Dorito Animation

Presha-Fruit-Juice Presha fruit Juice
I work for a creative agency called Beachside Creative and we were approached to create a campaign to promote an awesome line of fruit juices into 7eleven stores.Just for fun we chose to create a short animation as part of the campaign
This video is rough and unedited, but it certainly gets the message across.

This is the animation that I had created for Presha Juice.

Watch Presha Fruit Juice Animation

Saviour Animation

Savior is an exciting animation in which it takes you on a winding large adventure where it begins off with a man named Esterine is seeking refuge from the harsh storms and approaches king Edwards castle. After being refused from King Edward Esteringe reeks havick on England and goes after King Edward.

Watch Savior Animation

Cave Man Animation

This animation is about a caveman how one day sleeping peacefully is woken up by a dinosaur. This is the last straw for the caveman and had pushed him to the limit in which he goes around trying to extinct the dinousaurs and goes on a large epic journey.

Watch Caveman Animation

Big Daddy Animation

Big Daddy
This animation begins off as a man named as Big daddy is running away from the authoroties because many years ago his brother was murdered and he is after the cop who murdered his brother and after many murders the police are now hunting down Big daddy. But not is all that it seems and big daddy finds out that he has been betrayed by a friend.

Watch Big Daddy Animation

Adventure .NET Animation

Adventure.Net Animation is about how a younge boy is at school and the teacher is talking about a subject in which the boy does not like. Suddenly a pop-up screen appears on the younge boys screen saying Help. The younge boy clicks on the screen and is sucked into his computer and goes through a long adventure trying to escape out of the internet world and back into his world but he faces many challenges.

Watch Adventure.NET Animation