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Google Adwords Free CreditThere is no point in having a great website if no one can find you online, this is why it’s important to get your name out there so people can find you but how do you do that?

It’s very simple! There are many different ways to market a website and one of the most effective and proven methods is by using Google Adwords.

“But I heard Google Adwords can be expensive?”

A well managed and set up Google adwords account can easily return $5 for every $1 spent on advertising, this is achieved by trial and vigorous testing to see what works and what does not.

At You Go Designs we understand that not everyone has money to spend on advertising but everyone would like more sales/leads and this is where we want to help you out by offering you $100 FREE Google Adwords Credit, no strings attached!

Yes, that’s right $100 free Google adwords credit, we will even do all the hard work and set the account up for you, find suitable keywords for your business, geo target specific areas so customers in your area find you and not people from half way around the globe. Once the $100 free credit has been used the campaign will be paused, you can continue to run the service if you wish but after seeing the traffic boom to your website we’re confident you will be interested in continuing the service.

free google adwordsSo what do you have to lose but gain more free customers!

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